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Just Some of our Completed Projects

Feniex 4200 Mini Install


Feniex 4200 Mini, controlling a VFF emergency lights and air horn in a Chevrolet Tahoe.

SoundOff Signal nERGY 400 HH


SoundOff Signal nERGY 400 Series Hand Held Light and Siren Controller installed beside the spare tire in a Nissian Rogue.

Covert Police Install with a Feniex and Whelen Custom Package


Feniex Typhoon Hand Held Light and Siren control system, paired with 2 tinted Red and Blue Feniex 2X Dash/Deck lights mounted in the front windshield and rear deck.  A trio of custom mounted Whelen Red and Blue Ions in the grill.

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Custom Radio Installation


We installed the customer supplied Motorola XPR radio, along with a 22ft custom built extension harness supplied by AAG Fleet Safety Solutions to extend an auxiliary microphone and speaker to the rear pump control panel. 

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Feniex AM600 replacing 2 seized rotating beacons


We removed 2 Whelen Rotating Red Beacons, and replaced them with 2 Feniex AM600 Red LED Beacons.

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Feniex AM900 and Off-Road Lighting Installation


Installation of a Single Row 30 inch off road light bar behind the grill of GMC Sierra with custom brackets. Also on this build was 2 Feniex AM900 Work Lights installed under the rear bumper.

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Mini Controller install in a 2017 Ford Edge


Installed a Feniex 4200 Mini Controller for a local Volunteer Fire Fighter to control the 360 lighting package on his vehicle.

Tough Box Console install in a 2017 Ford Explorer


Installed a Ram Mount Tough Box console system in a 2017 Ford Explorer. Console supplied with the standard cup holders, a storage compartment with a tray, 2x 12v Cigar Plug power points, Motorola specific cover plate for an XTL 2500 remote head, and a 4 Inch blank plate. Feniex 4200 Mini controlling the lights on this vehicle.

Custom fabricated Havis console in a 2007 Dodge Nitro


We removed the factory console, and cut out the large console storage compartment under the arm rest. We  fabricated a set of brackets and rubber trim to attach the front part of the factory nitro console to a 18 inch Havis console. The front plate was modified to fit around the e-brake lever. Installed in the console was a Whelen Cencom Saphire, Motorola XTL 5000 Remote Head, Vehicle Charger for a Motorola XTS5000 and 2 Havis arm rests.

No Drill Ram Mount Laptop set up on a 2011 Ford Escape


No Drill Ram Mount Laptop Mount and 400W Power Inverter installed on a 2011 Ford Escape. 

Ram Tough Box Console, Tab-Lock Apple iPad Mount Install


Another Ram Tough Box Console system in a 2017 Ford Explorer. This one includes an adjustable telescopic mount, Ram Tab-Lock tablet mount for the Apple iPad, Feniex 4200 Mini for the light control, and the standard cup holders, power points, storage and a radio specific face plate for the Motorola XTL 2500.

Feniex Fusion 600 Amber Light Stick


Fusion 600 LS, installed in a 2017 Ford Explorer, modified headliner brackets and affixed to the upper hatch trim.

Pumper Truck - LED Scene Light Retrofit


Removal of some old Whelen 810 Series Scene Lights, and replaced them with the Feniex Wide Lux 9x7's.

Light Bar and Siren Install on a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV


Installation of a Feniex Fusion 49" Light Bar, Feniex 4200 Mini, Feniex Storm Pro 100W Siren, and Feniex Triton 100W Siren Speaker.

32 Inch Off Road LB Install on a F-450 Fire Chief's Truck


Installation of a 32 Inch Off Road LB, to add Front Scene Lighting to the Chief's Truck for a local Fire Department.

Ram Mount Install on a 2017 Ford F-150


Installed a No-Drill Ram Laptop with the F-150 Floor Plate mount. Apple iPad Mini mount added with a goose-neck to the laptop platform. 

Full Rear lighting retrofit on a Crestline Ambulance


Removal of the factory Tomar Rear lighting package that was no longer operational. Installed 2x Feniex Wide-Lux 7x3 in a split Red/Amber, and Code 3 NarrowStik.

Rescue Truck - LED Scene Light Retrofit


Removal of some old Whelen 900 Series Scene lights and replaced them with the Feniex Wide Lux 9x7.

Portable Amber Lighting


Feniex Fusion Mini, with a custom made strap mounting system that is perfect for plastic roofs of golf carts and UTV's that the magnetic mounts can't stick to. A perfect solution for special events and movie productions.

Back Rack and Fusion 49"


Back Rack installed on a 2016 Ford F-150, with a Feniex Fusion 49" Light Bar, mounted with the Headache rack brackets. Controlled with the Feniex 4200-Data Link for easy install and programming. 

Off Road Light Bar


Installed a 32 Inch Off Road Light Bar on the front of this rescue truck for additional scene lighting.

First Aid Truck Lighting Install


A retired ambulance converted into a First Aid unit for special events, received some lighting upgrades with these Feniex Wide Lux 7x3 on the fenders and grill area.

Fusion Interior LB Install


Feniex Fusion Front Interior LB installed in a 2015 Ford F-150 FX4, with the vehicle specific model.

Traffic Adviser Installation


Feniex Fusion 600 Light Stick mounted in a 2016 Ford Explorer 

Disclaimer: Images from installations completed under the following brands: 

AAG Enterprises O/A AAG Fleet Safety and AAG Fleet Safety Solutions Inc. 

both of which are from the same ownership.